Roger Partridge

Roger Partridge

Translations into British English but also into American English

Englisch translator Roger Partridgeemail:
Tel. +49(0)89 746 08 33
Mother tongue: British English

English native speaker, born in England, long-term resident of Germany.

Twenty years translating experience

Many years of experience in industry in Germany, the UK and the USA

B.Sc. in physics

Areas of competence

Architecture, property, construction engineering and environmental protection / environmental technology
Other areas of technology
IT and data security
Accounting, financial reporting and controlling
Other management topics
Advertising and public relations incl. Internet presence
Physics and engineering investigations


  • Court judgements on civil actions
  • Official certifications and attestations
  • Legal opinions
  • Notarisations
  • Business-to-business contracts
  • Property purchase or rental contracts
  • Business terms and conditions
  • Statutes of Associations, Federations, Institutes etc.
  • Companies’ articles of association
  • Excerpts from the Companies Register
  • Employment or secondment contracts


  • Health insurance policies or policies for temporary health insurance for international travel
  • Insurance attestations
  • Term insurance policies

Architecture, property, construction engineering and environmental protection / environmental technology

  • Building specifications / tender documents including building fixtures and fittings, electrical and telecommunications installations
    – for tenders
    – as sales documents
    – for rental agreements
  • Planning permission considerations, urban development sites
  • Determining property values
  • Ecological houses, investigating soil contamination
  • Brochures for consulting services for environmentally friendly construction
  • Lists and descriptions of environmental protection measures (related to sea warming and noise abatement) and expert opinions regarding power grids and power generating plants
    – offshore
    – inland

Other areas of technology

Various documents (tender documentation, proposals, operating manuals, operating instructions) for

  • Plant construction, individual machines
  • Electrical engineering, telecommunications and mobile phones
  • Automobile engineering
  • Plastics production and processing
  • Welding technology
  • Metrology

IT and data security

  • Localising ERP software packages
  • Tender documentation for IT service centres with centralised process control
  • Service agreements
  • Software descriptions/handling/specifications

Accounting, financial reporting and controlling

  • General commercial issues including tax regulations
  • Brochures, PowerPoint presentations and annual accounts (in accordance with HGB (German), IAS/IFRS- or GAAP regulations)
  • Audits of annual accounts (balance sheet, P&L account, notes, management report, auditors opinion)

Other management topics

  • Analyses and other studies for logistics, organisation and methods, personnel, production, purchasing, quality assurance & control, marketing & sales

Advertising and public relations incl. Internet presence

  • Company brochures
  • Websites
  • PowerPoint presentations